About Us

Hunter Publishing Group produces work guided by the principle that art imitates life. The pages of our printed work explore every aspect of the human experience, for all its beauty and art. Our authors tell gripping narratives of everyday and extraordinary life experiences in their own unique voice and tone. The overarching expression of these stories heralds the coveted art of survival.


Here at Hunter Publishing Group, we proudly distribute stories that span every genre. Each author that we partner with have fascinating personal stories to tell that reveal the many dimensions of their lives, from relationships to careers and beyond. These gripping narratives—from people you may have even seen in the headlines and heard from in the media—are authentic, inspiring, and motivational.  There is a seat at the table for both new and established authors with prose that inspires, challenges, motivates and intrigues. Every title that passes our printing press is a page turning account of intense, daring, unforgettable and heartfelt growth. 


Our promise to the literary marketplace is to give a voice to the voiceless. We proudly herald stories of underrepresented and misunderstood protagonists. Our imprints range from first hand non-fiction accounts of authors who rose from insurmountable circumstances to fiction work that fills the apparent need for escapism. 


There is no stronger vehicle for building community and preserving history than storytelling. Hunter Publishing Group facilitates the universal need for story sharing with our portfolio of published work. We work with a diverse community of authors at every point of the submission process. We have established the trust of prominent authors to bring to life the marvels of their narratives with quality and integrity central to the Hunter Publishing brand.


Hunter Publishing Group commits to providing a safe and inclusive space to be authentic, allowing author stories the ability to thrive in areas they deserve to. 

We commit to empowering every author we partner with so they have the confidence they need as we print each page of their treasured work. 

Maintaining integrity here at Hunter Publishing Group is very important to us. Our community here at HPG is here to create simple change that makes a great impact and will continue to motivate others to do the same for years to come.