• Ray Hamlin

    Ray Hamlin is the greatest attorney that almost never was. Luckily, almost doesn’t count. His formative years of privilege and access as a basketball prodigy and irresistibly charming gentleman tainted his world view for years. It wasn’t until senior year of college that Ray learned that his dashing good looks and athletic abilities would not be enough to make his mark in this world. The universe dished him harsh lessons on reality and accountability through a series of career setbacks. These setbacks included an embarrassingly low failing LSAT score and three failed bar exams. However, each humbling lesson strengthened Ray’s resilience and brought him closer to discovering his personal legend. 


    The unstoppable Ray Hamlin persevered through the trying times and finally established his lane in the legal community. He is now among the most preeminent criminal, civil rights, education and labor law attorneys in the nation. He is the founding partner of Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley law firm where several high-profile civil rights cases have been won. His track record is decorated with major legal wins from representing celebrities in federal law suit cases to exonerating innocent civilians wrongly accused of murder. Since internalizing the lessons of hard work, responsibility and endurance, Ray Hamlin has spent the last 25 years bringing justice to those who deserve it most. He makes regular appearances on TV, radio and media outlets including Fortune Magazine, New York Times, The New Yorker and the New York Daily News. 


    Ray Hamlin now gifts readers with Relentless Justice, the gripping recount of his delicate dance with destiny. This narrative is the unbridled account of his journey to overcome the self-inflicted roadblocks of his youth to realize his place in the world as a trailblazer in the civil rights sphere.